Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Logo Design

From logo development to visual branding and application, I understand the bigger picture. I take time to understand how brand supports – or, indeed, drives – your business.

It’s good to start with a logo. Your logo is your identity – it is usually the element that encompasses your brand or business and should not be over-looked. Make sure you have a logo that represents your brand and make sure you love it! If you don’t love it, get a new one! I create unique logos for businesses of all sizes in Manchester and beyond.

Graphic Design

Brand Guidelines

Brand consistency is key! Your audience should be able to know it’s you in a flash! If you’re planning on implementing your brand, you should always have brand guidelines to refer to. These guidelines act as a hub for your brand and include things such as logo, typography, colour palette, iconography, photographic style etc.

Graphic Design

Digital Design

Digital is bigger than ever! It’s important to have a strong online presence and I can help with that. My experience in digital marketing and development means I can offer a whole range of digital content for your brand. 

After all, what use is a lovely brand if people can’t see it? Think about all aspects of your visibility from social content to your website. I create branded social posts, social templates, social banners, websites, infographics and more – just ask.

Graphic Design

Print Design​

Print is still in! Along with branding, I also have extensive experience implementing designs for print. From product & delivery packaging to menus, business cards and leaflets – you name it…I can do it!

Why is graphic design important?

If you think about it – everything has been designed. From clocks to credit cards – design thought has invaded our lives from the beginning. In an increasingly digital world, it’s important to show your creativity in as many ways as you can. Implementing good design techniques is just good business. 

What makes you different as a designer?

It’s rare to find a designer that can design & develop (well). I have strong expertise in integrating brand identity into print and digital design and with my knowledge in end-to-end web builds, I can execute a wide range of creative tasks. I have worked with companies such as Matalan, Seven Bro7hers, SMC Premier, Richmond Scientific and more!

Where are you based?

I am a Manc girl, in a Manc world! So obvs I’m based in Manchester, UK. However, with design being mainly computer based, I can carry out projects from pretty much anywhere!

Do you offer design revisions?

Yes. The amount of revisions is worked out up front and included in costings. I will talk you through this process too.

Can I pay at the end of the project?

I ask for 50% of the fee upfront and the other 50% once a project has been signed off by the client. Upon the last payment I will send over all of the relevant files the client will need. 

What else can you offer?

Knowing a lot of people in the agency world has its benefits! I can offer pretty much anything, from SEO and PPC to custom CMS. Feel free to get in touch if you need these things too!

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